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Our masonry services specialize in both new construction and repairs for any project,


If your chimney or fireplace needs restoring or you’re looking to create a new patio or walkway, put our professional masonry services to work for you. Rely on our experience and skills to create a new look for your home or freshen up its existing look.

We do new construction and repairs for both residential and commercial properties. Our licensed and insured masons will work with you through any new, restoration or repair project. The mason trade dates back centuries. Our team combines old world traditions with new technologies and quality materials to deliver a professional job in a timely, costefficient manner.

Our masonry services specialize in both new construction and repairs for any project, big or small.

  1. Chimney – The top two feet of the chimney and the cap are exposed to the elements and over time starts to deteriorate. Mortar joints crumble, the cap separates and develops cracks, and the brick face begins to fall away. This opens up the chimney structure to moisture and can lead to water damage or even collapse. We can repoint, reline and waterproof your chimney that will last for years.
  2. 2. Fireplace – There is nothing more cozy than relaxing by the warmth of a fireplace in your home with its flickering flames and popping embers. We can restore the beauty of your old fireplace with a new mantel, a raised hearth or a new insert. Our masons can also repair the brick or stonework and firebox. The traditional wood burning fireplace is made from brick. Modern fireplaces are often made from stone with gas burners and fake logs. We can repair or build either for you.
  3. Firebox – This is an integral fireplace/chimney structure that protects your home from excessive heat. It is constructed of special, high heat tolerant brick and mortar. Over time, the mortar or bricks can crack, creating openings that could allow heat and embers to escape and cause a fire. Our masonry service specialists can inspect and repair the firebox to keep your home safe.
  4. Patio – A patio is a welcoming gathering retreat in your backyard during the summer. It’s a place where you can relax with family and friends around a fire pit and enjoy barbequed food. There are many designs and materials to fit your space and budget. Patios can be created with brick, stone, pavers and concrete. Bluestone or a pebble mosaic add class to the look. Add a fire pit where you and your guests can sit around during the evening toasting s’mores or hot dogs. We can create the patio you always wanted.
  5. 5. Walkways – The walkway not only serves a function but also connects the landscape of your property. They offer a path from your driveway, through a garden or from the sidewalk. Walkways can be created to accent the architecture of your home. We can help you choose brick, stone, pavers or concrete for just the right look.
  6. Stonewalls – These serve as a decorative border for your property, add class to your landscape, or serve as a retaining wall to protect your property from an eroding hill. There are various types of stone and hues. Our expert masons can repair your existing wall or design and build a sturdy and eye-catching wall to accent your property.
  7. Foundation – If water or moisture is seeping through your stone or concrete foundation, we can help. We will repoint the stonework, seal cracks, and waterproof the foundation.

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